A Top Reason Why Most Restaurants Fail

The restaurant business is a tough one. There are so many reasons why restaurants fail but one of those reasons is marketing (or lack, thereof).  Yes, improper or insufficient marketing can really hurt a restaurant’s chances of success. A restaurant’s bottom-line is, in the end, based on sales. How will a restaurant make any return if sales are down? And how do you increase sales? Traffic. And how do you increase visibility and traffic? Marketing.

restaurant marketing tips

There are so many ways you can use marketing to boost your restaurant traffic, including:

  • Creating a website that features your menu
  • Have the capability of online ordering
  • Send direct mail to local homes with promotional offers and coupons
  • Create a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Yelp)
  • Email marketing

While some of these ideas won’t cost you a thing, others will. That’s what makes the merchant cash advance so appealing, because you can use the funds to pay for your marketing and advertising efforts. Plus, unlike traditional loans, business cash advances are simple, straightforward and you can get funded rather quickly.

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