How Would a Salon Use a Cash Advance?

Business cash advances are a great loan alternative for salons. Whether you operate a nail salon, hair salon, tanning salon, or spa, a merchant cash advance can be a great business tool.

What are some ways that a salon can use a merchant cash advance?


Photo Credit: CC by Flickr user James

Photo Credit: License CC BY-SA 2.0 Copyright by Flickr user James


1) Make upgrades: do your salon chairs look worn and outdated? Looking to upgrade massage chairs? Wish to spruce up your waiting area? New furniture and equipment will do just the trick!

2) Pay rent: are you behind on rent? Catch up!

3) Replenish the essentials: stock up on salon supplies (towels, nail polish, wax, lotion, shampoo, brushes) and retail products for your customers.

4) Open up a second location: expand your brand to other areas – open up a second store.

5)  Decorate: Sometimes, all it takes is a splash of paint, some new mirrors, plants, or pillows to make your salon look new and refreshed!

6) Marketing: get the word out about your salon! Invest in social media campaigns, internet marketing, mailers, and coupons to advertise your business.


However you decide to use the cash from a merchant advance, your salon will certainly reap the benefits. To learn more about our program, or to see if you qualify, contact us at 1-800-722-4476.

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