Tips to Encourage Word of Mouth Marketing for your Small Business

word of mouth marketingDo you on a small business that relies heavily on word of mouth? Perhaps you operate a bakery, a restaurant, or even a clothing store. Whatever the business, you know how important word of mouth is for bringing in more customers. In fact, a recent study from Radius Global Marketing Research shows how strongly word of mouth influences purchasing habits of Millennials and Baby Boomers. Here are some easy tips you can implement to help spread the word about your small business!


How to Encourage Word of Mouth

  • Create a Foursquare account and provide check-in specials. Make sure to let customers know by posting signage at your location.
  • Actively post and participate with followers on your Facebook page. Don’t forget to post photos of your merchandise or products, particularly if you’re running any specials!
  • Start a referral program.
  • Create a Yelp business account and add photos and other┬ápertinent ┬ábusiness information such as address, phone, hours of operation and description.
  • While you’re at it, start posting your beautiful merchandise on Pinterest.
  • Send coupons via email or direct mail.
  • Offer outstanding customer service. This is a no-brainer but is so, so crucial. Provide great service and you’ll be surprised how many client referrals you can get~





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